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Our most recent project is OPERATION KATE ... Kate is one of the nurses that helped Ouma while she was in hospital. She wants to study further to obtain her full nursing diploma. We couldn't think of a more worthy cause than helping one of our own who helps others every day.

Some News ...

Some bitter sweet news … one of the girls that studies with Cindy at Netcare Education, Josephine, got mugged on the 15th of June near Northgate. During this incident, all her medical textbooks were stolen, she had just bought her new books that very week. As you can imagine, these textbooks are very, very expensive. Josephine is an extremely proud woman and would never look for handouts or pity as she is a hard worker and believes that she has to work for what she gets.

She never makes excuses and was back at campus within a couple of days, stitches in her head and a smile on her face. She made plans to borrow books from her friends so she could study for their upcoming test – she truly deserves to be helped, therefore we replaced her textbooks for her.


Good luck with your studies, we look forward to having another successful medical practitioner amongst us soon!

Cindy and Josephine

Ouma is tuis ... Yay!!!

Ouma Peggy has a brand new hip!!! Operation was a success and she is up and walking!


Big thank you to everyone at Zuid Afrikaans Hospital in Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria.


Although we have managed to get Ouma's hip replaced and she is up and going again, we are still short of R7,000.00 ... if you would like to donate toward the balance of this wonderful operation to restore Ouma's health, please feel free to contact us or go to our donations page for our banking details.


Photo above: A-Team of Ward B at Zuid Afrikaans Hospital, Srs. Eniffah, Wilhelmina, Kate and Ouma ... looking very happy and healthy!